The production process

From tradition to innovation

A process that has lasted years and is constantly evolving
led us to mature awareness
that the key to success is perseverance.

Over time, Pastificio Pipolo has experimented with bronze dies and the slow drying of pasta at low temperatures, until obtaining an excellent dry product, expanding the range and bringing forward quality, tastes and flavors, even on a large scale.

Today Pastificio Pipolo is a solid and well-structured company, which enjoys a wide clientele both in Italy and abroad.

The company has convinced its customers and consumers by consistently pursuing the main route of goodness and authenticity with exclusive advantages:

  • the choice of the best raw materials: Apulian durum wheat semolina of first quality with gluten index to ensure tenacity and elasticity, fresh Category A national eggs and true color from natural vegetables without added dyes or additives, yellow is obtained from turmeric, green from spinach, red from beet, etc.;
  • the long processing of the dough, to prolong and thus improve the mixing of raw materials;
  • the processing of the sheet without mechanical pressing but with the use of a low heat impact lamination process, essential to leave the starch matrix intact and thus make the product more digestible;
  • the adjustment of the thickness of the sheet with a second rolling phase capable of making the paste rough and porous and therefore able to retain and absorb the seasoning optimally;
  • slow drying (more than 20 hours) at low temperature, carried out on frames, which does not alter the organoleptic properties of the materials not stressing them thermally;
  • the two hours “rest” of the product before packaging;
  • the packaging between technology and dexterity to avoid micro-fractures of the product that would then manifest in cracks during cooking;
  • the bare packaging: a transparent package that shows, with ostentatious simplicity and proud evidence, the beauty of the product, anticipation of goodness: the yellow-gold color of white paste, the vivid colors coming from the natural vegetables for the colored pasta and especially the inviting roughness of the puff pastry.