The Farm

The story of a family that has its roots in tradition

Pastificio Pipolo comes from humble origins
and brings with it fifty years of history
in the artisanal production of pasta.

Pasta is one of the symbols of Italian in the world, spokesman of the values of Made in Italy and the backbone of Italian food and more. For Italians, the word “pasta” has always meant home, family and tradition, values that unfortunately decrease more and more because of the hectic life that we all lead.

It was 1974 when Costanzo Pipolo decided to open a small craft workshop of fresh pasta in the heart of the district of Torrione, in Salerno, with the aim of reconciling the values of culinary tradition with the increasingly busy and eager life.

This is how Pastificio Puppi was born, which working with semolina, eggs and water, gave its customers love, attention and attention to detail.

Like any tradition that respects, the passion for their work has meant that Costanzo and his wife Lucia gave, over the years, the genuineness of their products to Salerno families.

This led, after about 10 years, to the birth of the Pipolo Pasta Factory, located in the industrial area of Salerno, as a symbol of the evolution from a small craft workshop to a company.